August 03, 2006


my tummy feels weird today. i feel nauseated. i feel like vomiting.

pag-bubuntis lang naman na symptoms yan di ba? pero di pa ko nachukchak dito sa singapore ever eh. ahhh, baka immaculate conception!?! tingin ko kasi yung immaculate conception is nangyayari out of a great and devoted love to someone. gaya nung pagbubuntis ni virgin mary. since super love at super devoted sya kay god the father, nabuntis sya immaculately!

since i've pledged my love to someone forever and ever kahit hindi nya alam, i piously believe na i'm eligible to conceiving a child immaculately! and to top it all, i'm a virgin (in singapore) emman! :p i'm thinking of calling my baby, b. :p

i don't mean to be sacrilegious ha... out of weird kaisipan na naman.. hehehe

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